I’m a writer from New Zealand living in Los Angeles and I love making comics, cartoons, kids books and games.


My first animation writing work was on Season 1 of Bee & Puppycat and my most recent work is Season 3 of The Mighty Ones (DreamWorks). While working with the Academy award nominated TAIKO Studios I co-wrote the shorts LEGO Ninjago Legacy: Gold Rush and Pangu.

Animation Development

I’ve worked in development for original and preexisting properties for studios including Universal, DreamWorks, Cartoon Network and Disney Television Animation. While at TAIKO Studios, I co-wrote and developed numerous TV and feature projects, with one feature being optioned by ReelFX.


Comics is where I got my start in writing, but I’ve recently started back writing kids’ graphic novels. Previously I wrote Capture Creatures Vol. 1 (Boom!), which I co-created with my partner Becky Dreistadt. I’ve also written licensed comics including The Amazing World of Gumball Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 with Tyson Hesse, as well as a bunch of other licensed work ranging from The Simpsons to Adventure Time.

Kids Books

Becky and I began our career by self-publishing Tigerbuttah, a traditionally painted book inspired by the original Little Golden Books. We were heavily influenced by the Provensens, Mary Blair and the early work of Richard Scarry. The book was successfully crowdfunded and is currently sold out.


Currently I am freelancing on an unannounced project at the startup 301. Previously I worked on the 2018 Apple Design Award winner ODDMAR (MobGe), which is now available for Nintendo Switch.